About Pastor Jerry

Hello. I am Pastor Jerry Hodges.

I love Jesus Christ with everything I am.

God saved me from addiction, drug dealing and all that goes with that lifestyle. I was deep in darkness and sin. Though I was surrounded with people, I felt so alone. After a day of getting high and selling drugs, I felt empty. I would go to my room and cry and beg God to turn me because i could not turn myself. The answer to my prayer came in a drug raid that placed me in the Genesee County Jail. I pleaded with God in jail to rescue me from my sin and shame. And He did!

I know God has not saved me to sit around. God has saved me and compelled me as the scripture says in Luke 14:23 “………. go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” To tell them of the love of Jesus and to warn them like the days of Noah. He is coming.
I want to spend all of my days trying to restore, through the power of Jesus Christ, what I helped to destroy.

How We Help

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