Always Hope Ministries Newsletter : July 2020

Now House Update

Always Hope Ministries has been busy! God is so good! We were able to use our emergency placement room to safely house a woman rescued from sex trafficking. The following day she was placed in a rehab treatment center. SUCCESS!!

We also have one woman in our transitional housing room. She is doing very well, learning about the Lord, boundaries and how to dream again. We are praying for our other two beds to be filled in Gods timing.


Always Hope Ministries began our 1st ever
Reading Program for 4-10 year olds. With 11 leaders, we were able to read with almost 30 children. We have one more week of classes. The following Sunday families will be invited to come and celebrate their children completing the reading program with certificates, prizes
and a potluck dinner.

And God in His amazing timing, we are ready to launch Kids Church. Jeanne and Naomi will be leading Kids Church the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. We have sought wisdom from the best, Mrs. Linda Loudermilk. Our church family is so excited.

Current Needs

Prayer for hearts that are ready to hear the
Word of God.
New Roof for the NOW House approx. $5000


Virtual Leadership Seminar:
Leading the Visibly Broken
*how to stay full yourself
*Gods perspective on the leading the broken
*when to say yes and when to say no
*what is success
August 17-18th 6:00 pm – 7:30pm
Tickets are $25 per person
Payments can be made through CASHapp
AlwaysHope19 or send a check to
9052 N. Irish Rd. MT. Morris, MI 48458

God Stories

Let me tell you a little bit of Naomi’s Miraculous Story. Naomi is a sweet miracle for Always Hope Ministries and especially for me (Pastor Tanya Hodges). Her life began in dysfunction and drug abuse. As a child, Naomi felt the devastating effects of drugs at 8 years old. Her mother began using drugs and divorce from her father followed. Chaos and dysfunction became a part of her every day life. Thankfully, her grandmother was a pastor and influenced Naomi’s life as much as she could. Naomi accepted Jesus as her Savior at a very young age. She grew up and had children. Unfortunately, in the midst of negative family situations, her children were removed from her care. Naomi turned to drugs to numb the pain and things went from bad to worse. God was not done pursuing Naomi. In 2004 she turned her life around. She quit using drugs, earned her CNA and got her drivers license at 29 years old. Life was good!
Then Naomi met Joe. They fell in love and got married. Joe was an alcoholic. Naomi convinced Joe to quit drinking. They both recommitted their lives to Christ. This is when Pastor Tanya met them. They both taught teen boys at the Eastside Church of the Nazarene. After a while they split up and both Joe and Naomi went back
to their old ways. Joe passed away in 2017.
Often Pastor Tanya and Pastor Jerry would stop and pray with Naomi when we would see her on the streets. It was difficult watching someone who had so much light from Christ go back to the darkness. Last summer Naomi was shot three times in her midsection. The enemy wanted her dead. God still pursued her. Pastor Tanya was able to go and see her. She was unable to talk from all the tubes, but wrote “pray”. We gathered around her and prayed. Pastor Tanya thought this was a new beginning
for Naomi. Sadly, the enemies claws are deep and on her second visit to see her, she was making plans to go back to the streets.
Overwhelmed with sadness and defeat, Pastor Tanya didn’t go back to the hospital. A few months later Naomi was back on the streets.
Again, Pastor Tanya and Pastor Jerry stopped and prayed with her as often as she would let them. Its hard to hear about light when you are living in the dark. One day the Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Tanya and told her to tell Naomi that WHEN she went into rehab, she would dance for her. Naomi said the time was getting close.
About three months later, Pastor Tanya
received a text message stating that Naomi was requesting a visit. She was in a rehab treatment center!! She began her new life of recovery on February 17, 2020. Naomi clean and sober dove into Gods Word. She was ministering to many at the rehab treatment center. She has been attending Always Hope Ministry several times a week for Bible Studies, Sunday Service and helping with the Reading Program. Now she has felt a call on her life to help lead our KIDS Church. We are amazed as we watch the grace of God in her life. God resurrects lives still.

2 thoughts on “Always Hope Ministries Newsletter : July 2020

  1. God is great, Always hope and Pastor Tanya Hodges are a big part of my recovery journey. Praise and worship also my relationship with my heavenly father is growing deeper as i grow. Love having the opportunity for them to be truley involved and part of who i am Today.


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