Raging Waters! Newsletter August 2020

I was trying to come up with a word picture that would accurately describe our world on the eastside of Flint. What came to mind was flood waters carrying people away.

We, Jerry and I, have been rescued, but refuse to go about our daily lives forgetting those still being sucked down in the “current.” The “current” of sin in the form of violence, abuse and addiction is always flowing. However, sometimes we reach flood stage with what feels like white water rapids. We want others to know the Hope we have and we throw the Life Line of Jesus to people that are drowning every day. Some days they will not grab it and they are taken further downstream. Some days they give in to the enemy and grab hold of the anchor that he is offering them. Our hearts break as we prayerfully watch. They go under, popping up moments later crying for help. We throw the Life Line of Jesus out to them again and pray that they will grab hold tightly this time, because pulling them in brings joy to our Lord and is the greatest delight of our lives. These are the moments that make all the tear-filled days worth it.

In the midst of throwing the Life Line of Jesus to those drowning in sin, we have to have money to continue to purchase “the rope”; the resources we need to introduce them to Jesus. The NOW House is open and tonight as I type this the Life Line is being thrown out to 2 new people that require safe refuge while they wait for a bed to open into a treatment center. The NOW House will provide that refuge but we need your help to provide resources like, utilities, insurance, and our most immediate need, a new roof. So I’m asking all of our supporters to please seek the Lord about giving to our ministry.

We understand that not everyone is called to walk the streets of the inner city like Jerry and I are however, we desperately need Christ followers that will commit to being a monthly donor and those that will give a generous one-time gift.

Pastor Jerry and I LOVE to stand at the side of the raging river and pray, and throw the Life Line of Jesus to those drowning. Please pray about partnering with us to purchase the resources needed to save our people.

Thank you for your obedience to our Lord. He is so faithful.

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